viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

Opinion de un usuario de Skin Genesis

Saludos. Encontré esta información en la red sobre un usuario de Skin Genesis y los resultado que obtuvo.Recuerden que si ustedes tienen una opinion sobre este producto pueden expresarlo en este blog.

Genesis Daily Treatment Eye Serum Review!

Ok, I wanted to give this product a while to work so I've waited 2-3 weeks to review. This is the second eye product I've used... as I'm not really showing any signs where I'd feel I'd need one, but just as a preventative measure. If anything, I was dealing with some dark circles, little bags and occasional puffiness. (That's all, lol!)So I put L'Oreal's Skin Genesis Eye Serum (also called Derma Genesis if not in the U.S., I believe) to the test... and I think it is a very good product. I am also using Almond Oil in conjunction, as I've previously mentioned, around my eye area so that could be helping to combat my issues as well. I just apply a tiny, tiny, dot of this serum to my ring or pinkie finger after washing and moisturizing my face and gently pat it onto the area under my eye, smoothing it around until it is evenly applied. I do this two times a day.This product is very gentle and has not caused milia or any dryness. Yesterday, my mom told me that I did not have dark circles and I wouldn't need to find an eye cream (she wasn't aware that I had already been using this product for weeks). Basically, that sums it up for me... this product MUST be working because I definitely did have dark circles before and now they are practically nonexistent!I can't say much about the firming aspect of this because, as I said, I am somewhat young to be experiencing under-eye wrinkles/crow's feet, etc. I think Skin Genesis is working so far, and I'm overall pretty happy with it!

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