miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

Skin Genesis

Saludos. Encontré esta información en una página en la internet dailycandy.com que habla sobre los productos derma genesis o skin genesis. Está muy interesante.

16 October 2007

The Genesis of Beautiful Skin

Dedicated E-mail: L’Oreal Derma-Genesis

You take your vitamins religiously. And always do a little Internet research on a fellow before a first date.
An ounce of prevention, you always say, is worth a pound of cure.
So you’ll definitely want to get your hands on L’Oréal Paris’s Derma Genesis collection, a new skin care system that nurtures the cells in your skin’s top layers to give dewy, plumped-up, younger-looking skin.
The secret behind the four remarkable products in the collection is the brand new, innovative technology with Pro-Xylane™, a patented, new-generation molecule naturally derived from the beech tree, which is the result of seven years of scientific research, and hyaluronic acid, an ingredient inspired by dermatological science.
L’Oréal Paris Derma Genesis has pared down your skin care routine to an easy but effective two-step process: Start with the Serum Concentrate, which gives extra hydration to instantly smooth the skin and prepare it for moisturising. Then hydrate with the moisturiser of your preference — with or without SPF 15. Each comes in the custom airless pump package, ensuring that only the purest product touches your skin.
Receive a free sample on the Derma Genesis website and make today the beginning of tauter-feeling, dewy, younger-looking skin.

Because with L’Oréal Paris, foresight can be 20/20.