lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

L'oréal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer , SPF15 Lotion

Hola, Encontré en la red en la página una opinión sobre un usuario de Skin Genesis.

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L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer, SPF 15 Lotion

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Updated Jan 14, 2008
This is an excellent moisturizer at a fantastic price. After using this for several weeks, my skin, which had previously looked a little dull and had some creases and fine-lines, all but disappeared. In particular I saw a significant decrease in the lines around my mouth and eyes. The other benefits of using the Skin Genesis were much more even-toned and soft skin. The texture is smooth, light and silky and the smell is very pleasant. I also love that I got SPF protection without any sticky or filmy feel, which can sometimes happen in products with SPF in them. My skin was moisturized all day and I didn’t experience any breakouts. I would love to have this lotion for use in the summer months with a much higher SPF – perhaps it’s in the works!” G.L. Note: This moisturizer worked best with normal to dry skins. Those of you with VERY dry skin may not get enough moisture with this product. (via Palacinka)
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